The Waltimyer Family

Established: August 25, 1978

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Fourth of July Dinner and an Update

Jake came to town, so we had a belated July fourth dinner. Jenny and Dane and their five children came including Cody's girlfriend, Brandy. Jenny's kids are Haley, 17; Cody, 16; Brandon, 12; Eli, 9; and Jade 6. They grow so fast. Beckie and Jon and their two children. Isaiah is 4 and Maggie is 21 months. Rachael and Stuart are in Texas, so they missed out but should be home for Christmas. Sarah and Dj both had to work. Jake and Ashley are in from North Carolina. Jake is currently stationed at Camp LeJeune and is advancing in rank in the Marine Corps quite quickly due to meritorious promotions. He is now an E-4 or Corporal. Dj was promoted this last year to E-6 or Petty Officer First Class. Jon just recently learned of his impending promotion to E-6 or Technical Sergeant. We are so proud of our soldiers. Abby, Jael and Levi also came to dinner. Abby received quite a few scholarships to York College including the prestigious Gaston Sweitzer scholarship which provides half tuition to York College for four years. Jael recently returned from Europe. Look for some spectacular pictures of her trip to Italy, Croatia and the Greecian isles. Poor Levi has surgery soon to fix three hernias in his abdomen, but is exceling in his Karate endeavor.